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Sales Assistant Job Description

What do sales assistants do in their job?

It really depends on particular sector, the job in question and what you are trying to sell. For example, a sales assistant in a shoe shop has a different role to a sales assistant for a utility company. Fundamentally though, sales assistants support managers and other team members to sell products and/or services for their company. This can be done face-to-face, over the telephone or via other methods such as promotional material.

Sales activities could be with both businesses and/or individuals in mind. It really depends upon the size of the business, the sector and what your particular company wants you to do.

Versatility is therefore often desirable, and sometimes essential.

Typical responsibilities of the job include:

Typical responsibilities of the job include:

Sales Customer relations
Reporting Negotiation
Administration Customer services


What other skills does a sales assistant need?

They need to be organised
They should be able to work to instructions
They should be team players
They should understand that the products or services that they are selling
They frequently need to be numerate
They often need good IT skills
Administration skills also help
Ability to work flexible hours maybe required
You should be able to work under pressure
You should be able to meet targets

Other skills
Customer focusedOrganised
IT literateDriving (as you may be mobile)


A degree is not usually required.
Minimum requirements are usually good school grades.
A Levels may also be useful.
Sector specific professional training can be advantageous. For example if you are selling IT products then technical knowledge is helpful.

Jobs which overlap with that of sales assistant include retail manager, area sales manager.