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Nurse Job Description

What do nurses do in their job?

Nurses roles involve looking after people in need. This is usually sick people in hospitals and can include children, the elderly, and those with mental and physical illnesses. The work can be very demanding and there is need for sensitivity, empathy, discretion, tact and diplomacy. Not all nurses work at hospitals and some work in the community or at doctors' surgeries. Some nurses also take up jobs abroad or work on a voluntary basis for organisations such as MSF.

The work can involve anything from changing bandages to helping families with bereavements. It therefore helps if you are a friendly and attentive listener. Also the role can sometimes involve things such as assisting patients with personal hygiene functions including washing, bathing and going to the toilet.

Typical responsibilities of the job include:

People skills Patience


What other skills does a nurse need?

They need to be caring
They should be organised
They should be people-friendly
They ought to be able to work to instructions
They should be team players
They should be familiar with the issues facing people in their care
Ability to work flexible hours maybe required
The ability to work weekends is often a requirement
They should be able to work under pressure

Other skills


A degree is usually not usually required for entry positions but you may need one if you want to progress to certain roles
A levels are desirable
You should be prepared to undertake specialist/relevant training

Jobs which overlap with that of a nurse include care assistant