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Accountant Job Description

What do accountants do?

It really depends on the sector and job in question, but fundamentally accountants are there to manage financial transactions, oversee audits and prepare tax returns. Accountants deal with financial records, reporting, corporate finance, business recovery, insolvency and develop new accounting systems and processes.

As such, versatility across a range of financial functions is usually highly desirable.

Typical responsibilities of the job include:

Finance Transactions
Preparing statements Reporting
Risk analysis Tax planning
Negotiation Administration
Record keeping Customer advisory services


What skills does an accountant need?

They should be organised
They need to be motivated
They should be able to manage time and situations
They must be highly numerate
They need excellent administration skills
They should be numerate
Ability to work flexible hours maybe required
They should be methodical
IT proficient
Strong analytical and problem-solving
Ability to work flexible hours under pressure is often desirable

Other skills


A degree is highly desirable but not always essential.
Minimum requirements are usually good school grades.
A Levels are also useful..
Sector specific professional training can be advantageous. For example a certificate in finance, accounting and business can be helpful in securing a training contract with an accounting company..

Jobs which overlap with that of accountant include actuary.