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The alternative of using CV examples on a do it yourself basis, is hiring a professional writer to write your CV for you.
Whilst there are pros and cons to most things, having a professional CV writer create your CV for you has lots of advantages, and probably only one drawback; namely the fact that it does cost money, and you get what you pay for, so if you pay £99 for your CV, then in all likelihood it won't be as good as a CV which costs £200.

Indicators of quality

This doesn't necessarily mean that the most expensive CV is the best one. However, price is generally a good indication of quality (especially since the best CV writers can charge more), and if you're going to invest in a professional quality CV, then you may as well go the whole hog and get one that will actually get you results. It is a false economy to go for a cheaper, and less effective alternative.

You can also get a good indication of a professional CV company’s quality by looking at company testimonials. A reputable company will have good, genuine testimonials on their website. These usually include the full name and location of the people who gave the testimonial. Beware of websites to just use initials for example; ‘JB, Surrey’

The best CV writing companies also display an example of their CV on their website, and they should also include their address and telephone number on the contact page. They should also include their registered company number.

Another thing you should look out for is whether or not the company results to using statistics or marketing gimmicks. The best companies don't need to do this. Similarly, the best companies don't need to offer discounts. So if you are attracted to a company just because of the discount, then think again. Your main goal should be quality, not saving £5-£10 here and there. A top quality CV can not only speed up your rise up the career ladder, but it could also pay for itself many times over to the cause of your career. An average, or even good CV, on the other hand, won't have the same effect, and especially if it is competing against a better quality CVs.
Make no mistake, top-quality CVs can dramatically boost your job prospects. Average, or even good CVs can be seen as a cost, whereas top-quality CVs are an investment in you and your career.

Another indication of the CV company quality is whether or not the company indicates the qualifications of their writers. Some companies are conveniently vague about this. You should question why this is.

Another thing people use as a deciding factor on which CV company to use is turnaround times. This is actually pretty nonsensical when you think about it. Yes, everyone wants their CV as quickly as possible. However, quality does take time, and just like the best restaurants, the best CV companies all have waiting lists. Just as you would probably get a better quality suit if you got it made-to-measure in Savile Row, you will almost certainly get a better quality CV if you wait a bit longer for it, rather than have it rushed to you.  So be prepared to wait!

So, to sum up; if you want the best quality CV, then just like anything else, you will probably get the best results if you engage a professional to do it for you. At the same time, if you want quality then it will cost you, and quality doesn't come cheap. But for those prepared to pay for the best, the rewards can be excellent.
On the other hand, if you do want to write your own CV then good quality CV examples can help you. And it would also be worthwhile reading further advice in the cv advice section.
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