Q. What is a CV example ?
A. CV example is basically self-descriptive - it is an example of a CV. Most CV examples are too generic to be of any use when it comes to applying for real jobs. Our CV examples, on the other hand, have been specifically optimised by professional CV writers for real jobs. Consequently, our CV examples are far more effective in the job market than typical examples.

Q. Do your CV examples work?
A. Whilst no CV can guarantee you a good job it is commonly accepted that the better your CV, the better your job prospects. Our CVs have been professionally written by vastly experienced experts and have been professionally targeted for genuine jobs in your sector. So yes, our CV examples can, and often do achieve results real in the job market.

Q. Is it the same as a professional CV writing service ?
A. No. Professional CV writing services work on a completely individual basis, tailoring your CV exactly to your own personal requirements. With most professional CV writing services you will get your own CV consultant who can work with you on a one-to-one basis, creating a brand new CV specifically for you. CV examples, on the other hand, are less personalised. Nevertheless, since our CV examples are targeted for real jobs in your job sector they should still give you a very good starting point for a fraction of the cost of a typical CV writing service.

Q. Do I have to amend my CV example?
A. The CV example has been professionally written towards your job type. As such it should be appropriate for the types of jobs you are applying for. Nevertheless, you should still expect to need to tweak /personalise your CV as you see fit.

Q. Will all of the entries apply to me ?
A. As mentioned, the CVs have been specifically targeted to different job roles. Entries therefore should be relevant to the job you are applying for. Nevertheless, as this is a CV example, rather than a bespoke, completely personalised CV, some entries may not apply to you personally. In such cases you can tweak/personalise your CV as you see fit.

Q. Who wrote these CVs?
A. The CVs have been written by leading professional CV writers with many years CV writing experience.

Q. How do I know the CV is relevant for my job ?
A. The CVs have been written with specific jobs in mind. Not only that, but they have been professionally optimised to real job specifications for your job type. You therefore know that it is relevant.

Q. Who orders your CVs ?
A. We have a broad range of CVs covering a wide cross-section of job types. Our CVs are therefore in demand from people in all job sectors, and at all levels.

Q. What services are available and what are the prices?
A. Prices & services are available on our ordering page.

Q. Do I have to pay any extra costs?
A. No. You can rest assured that pay the price for the service you order, and no more.

Q. Will my credit card be charged again in future ?
A. No. We do not keep any card details and your card will not be recharged automatically.

Q. Are you registered for data protection ?
A. Yes, we are registered for data protection. You can also rest assured that we will not forward your details to third parties unless required to do so by law.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept most credit cards and debit cards as well as PayPal. You can pay directly online.

Q. When do I receive my example CV ?
A. We are working to automate this part of our service, so in the future it will be automatic. In the meantime we send example CVs by e-mail after you place your order. Depending upon the time of day you order this could be a matter of minutes, or it could be the following day. Either way, in the majority of cases it is the same day and usually no longer than one working day.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. In the highly unlikely event that you find another CV example anywhere on the Internet which is more relevant for your job then we will be happy to refund your money.

Q. Do you offer professionally written personalised CV services?
A. No. That is a specialised service. If this is what you require please view specialist CV and CV writing services on this page.

Q. Do you write CV examples in any other languages?
A. No. If you require translations please view specialist CV writing services on this page.

Q. I have a website. Can I link to yours?
A. By all means please link to us. You are very welcome to do so.

Q. Can I publish or resell your example CVs ?
A. No you are not permitted to do this. Our example CVs are for your own personal use only. You can use our CV examples for your own job applications, but not for commercial use, publication or resale.

Q. Who holds the copyright for your example CVs ?
A. We do. That said, as mentioned above if you order one of our example CVs you are perfectly entitled to use it for your own personal use, just not for publication or resale.

Q. I want to order. What do I do ?
A. Simply place your order via our ordering page then e-mail us with details of the sample CV from our list which you require. If for some reason the sample CV you require is not on the list please contact us before you order and a consultant will let you know if we can provide that particular example CV for you.

Q. Do you provide a CV example for every job type ?
A. We cover most sectors, and many job types. That said, there are literally hundreds of job types, some very specialised, and we can't cover all of them. That said, if you work in a specialised field please contact us and we can examine your request.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. You are welcome to contact us via our contacts page.