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(taken from extracts of a CV writing book by Paul Hichens, senior consultant at leading CV writing company

There are pros and cons with using CV examples as a job application tool.

While some CV examples are targeted enough to be of real help to jobseekers, the biggest, and most worrying disadvantage is that the vast majority of CV examples, especially the free ones, are either poorly designed, not relevant enough, badly written, amateurish or a combination of all these things. Indeed, copy some CV examples and the only certainty is that your application will go straight in the bin.

Better quality professionally targeted CV examples, on the other hand, can give your career a real boost.

If you are serious about landing the job of your dreams, then there is little doubt that your odds should improve dramatically if you engage the services of a top quality CV writer. However, the best writers do not come cheap, which is why it is perfectly understandable that some jobseekers to turn to the cheaper alternative of creating their own DIY CV using CV examples as a base.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the latter option, particularly if the person in question is lucid enough to realise that CV examples are just that; CV examples - and they should be used primarily as a base to give them ideas, and as a starting point to build their own CV based around their own individual circumstances and tailored to the job they are targeting.

Where I do think there is a problem is the fact that good CV examples are few and far between, and if the CV example you use as a base is flawed to begin with, then you are essentially asking for trouble. If you are going to use a CV example, then at least make sure it is a good one which is targeted specifically for your job type. Anything else and you're just wasting your time.

The moral of the story here is, by all means use CV examples if you can't afford to hire a professional CV writer, but if you are going to use CV examples, then whatever you do make sure that they are decent quality CV examples, preferably written by CV writing professionals.

Just as in pretty much any sector you get what you pay for. And whilst a professionally targeted CV example can be a very good low cost means of improving your job prospects, the same cannot be said of free or poor quality generic CV examples. Indeed, use a free or generic example and you could be just making things worse.

Paul Hichens is senior consultant at leading UK CV writing company Paul is Master's degree qualified with a wealth of CV writing experience, helping clients from all across the globe improve their job prospects. In addition to writing a great many CVs Paul is a leading authority on the subject and in addition to his book he has written articles, presented to audiences, conducted master classes, and spoken on the BBC on the subject of CVs.

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