What are CV examples?
CVs which have been specifically written for particular jobs,
giving you an excellent base for your CV.

Who writes your example CVs?
Not just anyone!
Indeed, our samples have been written by expert writers at top UK CV writing service company, CV Consultants.

CV Consultants are almost certainly the UK’s leading CV company in terms of quality.

Are all examples the same?

The examples differ depending upon the job in question. So for example, not only will the secretary example CV be very different to the project manager example CV, even project manager CVs differ. So for example, the construction project manager example CV will be different to the IT project manager example CV.

Are they useful?
Yes - extremely useful.
Indeed, many people find our example CVs a great source of inspiration. Our samples should help give you ideas and well worded, pertinent and proactive examples for your all-important CV content.

Do they include the right buzzwords/keywords?

Yes - our example CVs have been professionally optimised for real jobs in every profession. So not only do they include keywords which employers look for, but they specifically include the right keywords relevant for your job. As mentioned, each example is different and each one has been tailored specifically for a particular job (including your job!). Please click for the list of CV examples

Can it improve my job prospects?
Our CV examples have been especially written by the best CV writers in the business. They are concise, pertinent, proactive and include the right keywords for your job to help sell your skills more powerfully/effectively.

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