CV Example optimised with Keywords

We offer the very best CV examples you will find anywhere. These have been meticulously optimised for your job, by the very best writers in the business. The optimisation process involves meticulously weaving keywords in the CV in a concise and natural manner. Below is an example CV based on a specialist technical position. The job specification is also included. Keywords from the job specification have been incorporated into the CV and have been colour-coded in orange.

The best CVs tell the employer things that he/she wants to hear in a slick and concise manner. One reason why our CVs work is because they not only do this, but they also include things that employers in your job sector are looking for.

Please note that this example CV is for a specialist technical position, and will not be suitable for your job applications. However, we should have an example CV which is ideal for you. If your job isn't on our list then simply contact us before ordering.

Targeted CV Example
Targeted CV Example with Keywords
targeted example cv
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targeted example cv with keywords
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How our experts optimise your CV
optimising cv with keywords
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As with all of our CV examples they are written by professionals with real jobs in mind. This one was written with this job specification in mind, and keywords have been highlighted to demonstrate this.